we’re a not-for-profit scheme existing solely for the benefit of our members

Sustain was devised and created in partnership with the BBPA, we’re a not-for-profit organisation, existing solely for the benefit of our members. Our mission is to reduce the cost of packaging compliance and help member companies reduce both the environmental impact and overall costs of their packaging and packaging waste.
We operate UK government registered compliance scheme, tailored to the drinks and hospitality sector. Our in-house experts have over 12 years sector specific experience in packaging compliance and a passion for innovation and environmental improvement.

A Powerful partnership

The potential for a sector-specific scheme was originally identified by BBPA members as a way of regaining control of packaging waste within the sector, rather than simply paying out each year. Our scheme is true to the spirit of the original Producer. Responsibility regulations in which those of us who are responsible for introducing and using packaging within the supply chain, take responsibility for it throughout its lifecycle.

A strong industry voice

With its unique member relationship, Sustain is set to be a key contributor to industry-led reaction to any significant changes to the EU (and subsequent UK) producer responsibility mechanisms. With current targets only set for the next 3 years, Sustain are already involved, through the BBPA on identifying next steps and assessing the impact of recent draft legislative proposals on the industry.

Doing the right thing together

As well as packaging compliance issues, we are also actively looking for additional benefits from this innovative way of working in order to develop other related initiatives for the benefit of our members and our sector.

beerpub1There are lots of ways that Sustain can help you manage your obligations, improve your impact, reduce your packaging related costs and protect resources for a more sustainable future.
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